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Branding isn't just a business card and letterhead these days. Our process is to help set your brand above the rest. We will bring fresh ideas, thoughtful design, and social media marketing to the table. A Brand Agent is a creative marketing agency with traditional marketing roots. With a couple of decades of experience, you have come to the right place. Ask about a FREE sample design for your business.


Each logo is custom crafted to properly fit the aesthetic needs of your business. From brand development and social media to marketing and advertising, we will go above and beyond to research your brand and rise above the competition. We will help you craft a solid message and reach your target of success.

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For many consumer product marketers, much of the "branding" takes place in the packaging and campaign imagery. Visual identity ties into human emotions, and there are plenty of case studies of consumer packaging redesigns that infuriated a customer base or dramatically increased sales.

Service companies and B2B brands encompass more than just a label, box, or package, but the visual identity can unify a brand, neutralize it or worst of all, damage it.

When thinking of your brand's visual identity, think about the three key elements to visual branding:

Relevance: Do the visuals support the written brand strategy and promise?

Quality: Are the visuals professionally designed?

Consistency: Are the visuals consistent at all market touch points?

Brand Consistency

Most new companies start with shiny new logos and a clear corporate identity that is consistent throughout all print and graphics.

As companies grow, they often lose control of that standard corporate image. It takes discipline to maintain consistency while launching new locations, adding more employees, switching creative vendors, and constantly creating new marketing campaign materials and sales tools and literature.

After a few years, branding can easily be represented by dierent color shades, inconsistent fonts and variations of packaging, logo size and image quality. While a retail outlet would almost never allow its brand to become inconsistent, it's common in B2B.

It's easy to put a few quality management steps in place to ensure consistency and quality moving forward and A Brand Agent is here to help you in these areas.